Areas of Expertise:

Post Traumatic Stress & Complex Trauma

Any event outside the usual realm of human experience that evokes intense fear, helplessness, terror, or pain can cause trauma. Often these events are marked by an actual or perceived threat of death or a perceived threat to one’s physical, emotional and/or psychological integrity. 


Couples, Relationship & Attachment Counseling

Maintaining a healthy relationship has its rewards and challenges. Life is full of change, and people in relationships must adapt to new circumstances: jobs change; priorities shift; finances fluctuate; loved ones die; moves occur; children are born.


Grief & Loss

Losses can profoundly change one’s life in an instant. New losses can trigger old losses and stir up deep emotional pain from the past. 


Medical Issues & Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Chronic or acute illnesses, surgeries, medical emergencies, and acute or chronic pain can cause many residual traumas both physically and emotionally. Living with untreated traumatic experiences can also affect the immune system and result in other medical symptoms. The medical field sometimes is challenged by medically unexplained symptoms, leaving patients feeling blamed and hopeless